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Who We Are

PGDS was founded in capital of Oil country, Kuwait with collective oilfield expertise personnel with over 50 years combined experience to performs oil and gas exploration, production, and refining, sales and distribution of petroleum products, and implementation of petrochemical and energy projects.

PGDS will bring the highest levels of operational efficiencies to its clients operational Assets.  We will invest heavily in quality measures; we will do everything to drive out cost so we can offer the lowest prices with the highest quality for our customer.  We will tightly control inventories and other expenses by understanding our markets and forecasting accurately.  We will keep pace with the competition in marketing and sales while keeping safety commitment. Safety is of primary importance.

We will compete in every market segment with our focus on the Oil& Gas exploration, production and refining.  This is where we will make the maximum investment in plant and equipment ensuring we have multiple products forming our value proposition.  We will remain competitive in the Oil& Gas market segments investing in R&D.

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